Innovative Products for over 35 years  

  Manufacturing and distributing top quality phototherapy devices since 1985  

Collagentex Medical is a subsidiary company owned and operated by Tanses Technologies inc., with its headquarters and manufacturing facilities based just outside of Montreal Canada. We have been manufacturing top quality phototherapy devices for all segments for over 35 years.

The Collagentex Medial devices line was first introduced to the market in earlier 2010. Our devices are unique, offering highest wattage low level lasers to the medical sector combined with simple to use and exceptional results. The exclusive Collagentex line offers 10 wavelengths that are well established for their deeper penetration for treating many conditions.

The devices are very versatile and can be used in many sectors such as:

Chiropractors/Physiotherapist/Massage Therapists for effective pain management.
Podiatric/Diabetic Foot Care for accelerated wound healing
Gyms & Wellness Centers for quicker recoveries and enhancing athletic performance.
Medical-Spa/Dermatologists for anti-aging, treating many skin conditions and cellulite reduction.

Collagentex has invested in NIR research with published studies by recognized universities for the proven effects of osteogenic penetration and osteoblast biostimulation; wound care for diabetic foot ulcers and bed sores; PRP growth factor, and pain management.

All our medical device are monitored for their safety by, CSA/NRTL approvals, FDA 510k market clearance under physical medicine, Health Canada license, ISO-13485-2016 and MDSAP certification for hospital grade photobiomodulation devices from skin conditioning to pain management.

Innovation is the leading edge of the company with multiple US and CND patents secured in the NIR low level laser devices.