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  • The RX-1 is a single lamp module, table-top or stand-alone unit that can be equipped with a mechanical or electronic timer. It is light weight, portable and rolls on caster wheels for quick positioning. Available in three positional head configuration.
    US FDA Cleared for pain management by 510k process.
    Effective pain management medical device for massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors.
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  • The RX-2 is a double lamp module. Its V-shape design offers enhanced performance making it ideal for spas, dermatologists and massage therapists. It can be used as a stand-alone or converted horizontal use on a spa mattress. Easy to use tilt and lift mechanism.
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  • The Rx-3 is a triple lamp module. Its wide area coverage and super-enhanced parabolic design allows it to treat large portions of the body in just one treatment. Ideal for spas, dermatologists & gyms. It can be used as a stand-alone or converted horizontal use on a spa mattress.
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  • The RX-6 is the world's first and ONLY full body, non-invasive, skin photo therapy unit. This compact full body scanner is equipped with the latest in Plasma arc lamp technology which delivers 3600 Watts of non-invasive phototherapy for outstanding results.
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  • Sit down version of RX-1 for pain relief, inflammation reduction, wound healing with pressure sores and general benefits of exposure to polychromatic red light(NIR)from 633nm to 1500nm range. Preset 10 minute time automatic shutdown exposure for ease of use. 9" diameter of direct light exposure area. Ergonomically designed acrylic chair with built in cooling and polished stainless steel frame for durability and repeated exposure. Works at standard 120 VAC wall plug. Near infrared light is easily transmitted through most clothing.
    Health Canada Device ID:819372
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  • Collagentex's patented, deeply penetrating infrared spectrum healing light has a multiple array of benefits to improve your skins appearance and lifestyle.
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  • The Rx-Silk is fully automated with features that can be adjusted by the user. Its patented double paddle-action massage aids in circulation while the unique Collagentex spectrum light therapy simultaneously works to remove cellulite and blemishes.
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    Near Infrared Light Working Mechanism more

  • User-friendly 15 Amp, 120 or 220 Volts. 50 Hz/60 Hz model variations cover worldwide operation standards.

    Collagentex is a Canadian innovation manufactured in North America according to medical quality controls for worldwide sales.

    Collagentex models are tested, and certified for your safety;
    ISO 13485:2003 medical equipment quality control certified.
    IEC 60601-2 (3rd) EMC/EMI approved.
    CSA, NRTL approved, CMDCAS Health Canada licensed.
    Cleared by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for indications of pain management by 510k process as a Class-II Medical equipment for Physical Medicine.(RX-1 modules)
    Designed and manufactured in Canada.

    Protected by multiple US and Canadian Patents

Pregnant women, epilepsy sufferers, heart pacemaker wearers and photo reactive medication users should not use this device. May cause photoreaction with some medications. Always check with your pharmacist before use. Stop using if any irritation or rash develops. Do not use on open wounds. Remove all metal body piercing prior to use. Smoking and alcohol use will reduce effectiveness. Pain relief is of the temporary nature.
Always wear eye protection according to the user manual. *models in the pictures are not representing the actual use of the device.