Collagentex Medical: Regenerative Medicine

Help prevent expensive, painful hospital stays and amputations!

Wide Exposure Area Wound Healing

Diabetic foot ulcers
Pressure Sores
Open, Non-healing Wounds
Peripheral Neuropathy
Cancer Therapy Side Effects
Infection Control In Toes
Orthopedic Post-operative Healing

Collagentex Rx devices deliver near infrared, non ionising LLLT light energy, targeting soft tissue for rapid NO production and vasodilatation, lymphatic drainage and subsequent Cytochome-C oxidase stimulation for increased ATP production, enhanced cell proliferation, anti-inflammatory effects of prostaglandin, interleukin, interferon at cell level to complement existing therapies for a NATURAL HEALING process.

Product Line Available: Rx-1


Collagebtex Rx-1


NIR Laser Power: 500 Watts, uniformly scattered
NIR Energy Intensity: 52,000 mJoules/cm2
Units Dims: 18" x 21" x 48" Voltage: 120v

Rx-1 Features

Short Treatment Time
Non Contact, No hand piece disinfection required
Large Exposure Area, 178 sq inches
10 Wavelengths in NIR
Deep Penetration
High Transmission Through Clothing
Hands-Free Operation


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